Life and dead after Fukushima
 Years after the nuclear disaster the nightmare continues. Teaser 

The extraordinary under water world of Kim Keever

Artists of Art3 Gallery in Brooklyn NYC
Art3 gallery is a very innovative place in Brooklyn (NYC). Artists come from all the expressions mix with there. A single place where breath a wind of creativity. I liked the work which undertakes Silas Shabelewska it even great photographer

Forbidden love
In Algeria homosexuality is an offence punished by the law. Taken in red-handed an adult risks 2 months to 2 years of prison and a door amends. It is especially a taboo. More than the law, it is the weight of the religion which weighs on mentalitees.

Forbbiden love

Amour interdit from lespritdumonde on Vimeo.

Forbbiden love

Back to Oran

Back to Oran is the teaser in slide soungd documentary of Algeria last generation. Made on an iphone. Photographs taken with a Leica digital were sent on the device via a messaging and mounted  / mixed on an application.

Fragments of an Algerian youth

With what do dream young Algerian? With a future. The love of their country pinned with the body, they want to take part in the effort of opening and modernization. They want within movement associative to give direction to their life and that of the others. They want to exist. What is not easy. This sound slide show is the teaser of a webdoc in preparation.