Without fixed residence in Tokyo

It was a cold week of winter. Sea of Japan north of the archipelago, in Kyoto, I sauntered posing to me to Tokyo a few days. The weather was icy but sunny what supported the desire for going through this curious city and complex. The public gardens were shining under the sun, some offered even some pinks. It is there that appeared to me these forms covered with newsprints, of paperboards, lengthened with same the ground. Pathetic detail, in any situation the shoes were posed just at side. The Japanese sdf respect the tradition. One withdraws his shoes while entering a residence, except that here space symbolizing the residence was a piece of paperboard, or a cover blue posed with the small happiness the chance. They are called - houmuresu -. Some decided to be excluded from the system in the grip of the economic crisis in the Nineties, they - Johatsu - are evaporated. They appeared at the time of this economic crisis and are not mainly the marginal ones.
These last years of the elderly came to enlarge this precarious community. Not to be a burden for their children of the old parents live in the street. They make larcenies in order to be found in prison where they will be ensured of the list and cover. The dens also exploded in this company perfectly codified since millenia. It is an image perturbing and peaceful at the same time because the homeless here are respected and protected by the populations full with compassion.