Destruction-reconstruction after Fukushima

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake resulted in a tsunami and a nuclear disaster in the Tohuku region of northeastern Japan. The result is 15,893 dead and 2565 missing.
It will take time for this region to recover. If that is the case one day. Five years after the disaster 174,000 people were still housed in temporary buildings. Decontamination will continue for years. The land is scratched several centimeters, the trees are pruned, the buildings are moved to the karcher. The decontaminators come from all over the country for very high wages, fear in the belly, because they know they are risking their lives.
Ghost towns sprout from roads and half-destroyed dwellings.
We are in Odaka. A village located 13 km from the Fukushima power plant, in the 20 km zone that the authorities decided to evacuate until further notice.
There were 13,000 inhabitants here. Only 1100 think back once the ban is lifted. It is therefore necessary to rebuild homes for 10% of the population. In order to decide the younger families to return, the rents of the HLM in Odaka, will be free for at least 10 years, such as school and health. Modern buildings grow in the middle of cities until then little urbanized.
On this northeastern coastal strip life has stopped.