Japan blues

Since the node of the Sunshine Tower in the district of Ikebukuro, in Tokyo, an old man looked at the megalopolis as far as the eye can see, and with far the silhouette from hardly visible the Fuji Mount, embedded in the fogs and the clouds. A contrast seizing between the layman and crowned. In Japan, these two worlds approach, are opposed, composed, by the force of the things. But nothing is done in half measurement. This telescoping generates a certain melancholy, palpable in the glances and the situations of every day. They are moments of blues, light and enveloping like Haïku, one evening of autumn, which suspense the language but leaves a feeling of vacuums and the full.
Japan is a country diverting it is what I was say while arriving there. While leaving I had not changed an opinion, but I wanted only one to return there.