Japan Blues

Since the node of the Sunshine Tower in the district of Ikebukuro, in Tokyo, an old man looked at the megalopolis as far as the eye can see and with far the silhouette from hardly visible the Fuji Mount, embedded in the fogs and the clouds. A contrast seizing between the layman and crowned. In Japan, these two worlds approach, are opposed, composed, by the force of the things. But nothing is done in the half-measure.


silk glance

The geishas fed all the phantasms. True works alive anchored well in the Japanese tradition they all disappear almost at the following day from the second world war. From now they belong with the myth, and are used as commercial marketing. It is a manner of making them live again in the code of practice, with the same requirement in their artistic formation. but nothing will be never again like front. This book is sale on the literary blog


Indians women

Colors and movement, the clothing of the Indians is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The author did not want to fall into the stereotype… Editions the Spirit from the World This book is on sale on the blog literary